What will 2017 bring Ireland and its business community?

Dec 9, 2016

What will 2017 bring Ireland and its business community?

Here are a few personal guesses for what might be in store for us all in 2017? Have you any ideas yourself?

Brexit. More clarity of what is ahead of us which probably will be a firm exit, i.e. not hard and not soft. The world will not stop spinning.

M20. The long overdue green light for a motorway to link our 2nd, 3rd and 4th largest cities i.e. the Cork – Limerick – Galway western corridor motorway. Expect to see it open in 2023!

Eastern Bypass. This old chestnut will surface again in a serious way, after a couple of complete melt downs on the M50 which will catch international media attention. The €4 billion bridged road across Dublin Bay would give the city a true orbital road and take 25% of the traffic off the M50.

Jobs. With the unemployment rate, down to 7.3% which is the same as the peak of the boom in 2008, a talent war will spread from the ICT and finance sectors to all sectors of the Irish economy. Candidates will start to value and expect an educational and professional learning element of their package going forward.

Cybercrime. A few very big cyber attacks which will rock our confidence in the Cloud but we have started on this road, so no way of turning back now. The cyber security companies will do very well going forward.

Social Media Peak. It is part of our day to day lives now, especially if you are under 25 but I feel as a nation, we will have reached our peak and it will lose some of its attraction.

New holiday destinations. Due to the collapse in tourist markets in Turkey, Egypt and Tunisa, demand for Spain and the Canaries will sky rocket in 2017. Winter Sun holiday in 2017 may end up being something quite new for a lot of Irish families, strolling in Stockholm anyone?

Sky Mobile. Will there be a new entrant into the Irish mobile market? Depending on how well the imminent UK launch goes, expect to see a new name on the high street by the end of Q2.

Rural Broadband – contrary to some commentators, Ireland is doing quiet well by international standards regards broadband delivery. The upcoming National Broadband Plan government tender is vital to the countries progress. So, no pressure Minister Naughten, but don’t mess it up!

BitCoin & Blockchain – I predict that 2017 will be the year that BitCoin goes semi-mainstream. In addition, a new concept in technology security called Blockchain will become familiar outside the inner circles of the FinTech community. It will change business forever.

White Christmas? – Now, a leading weatherman has predicted that winter 2016 will be the worst in years for the UK and Ireland, with severe snowfalls lasting well into February.

Networking. More people will emerge from behind their screens and smartphones to make personal connections with business colleagues and peers…..networking stops being digital and becomes personal.

Anyway, only time will tell if some or all of these predictions will come true. Have a great Christmas break, put the feet up and enjoy the really important things in life…..friends and family.

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