Vista People launch new recruitment platform

Sep 23, 2019

For the first time ever, the Irish Telecoms industry has a “Go To” place that’s dedicated exclusively to identifying and hiring hard to find Telecom talent.

LinkedIn was born in 2003 in the tech community and it is incredible that the Telecom industry in Ireland has not had a specialised talent platform before now.

We are not for a moment suggesting that telecom employers stop using LinkedIn, Indeed or jobs boards like IrishJobs but now they have an additional, cost effective and targeted way to focus their efforts. I suppose it is the old adage of a rifle instead of a shotgun approach.

At a time when the search and placement process takes longer while recruiters and potential employers work-out who the best candidates are for the job, we short-cut that delay considerably by singling out the Telecoms talent and immediately connecting the right people with the right job. It really is that simple.

The roll-out of 5G nation-wide, the possibilities offered by machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT)  – and not least the hoped for National Broadband Plan – all mean that the Telecoms sector will continue to surge for the next 3 to 5 years as many more new jobs are created. The platform will also cater for people and companies in the broader ICT space and the entire Digital Economy. My vision is to have at the centre of that growth, facilitating new opportunities for employees and building dynamics teams for leading employers.

Uniquely, is owned, operated and curated by a team of recruiters who themselves have previously worked in the sector and are uniquely placed to understand the particular needs of the estimated 2,000 people (of the total 20,000 in the business), looking for a new position at any one time with the more than 230 businesses operating in the area.

At launch there are a total of 15 companies advertising 100 live jobs. This number is expected to increase substantially within a month as the platform becomes more widely known and word of mouth builds. Over the next three months the portal will unveil an on-going series of mentoring and advice blogs from leading Telecoms business figures including Sean Keating (Vilicom), Kealan Delaney (Delmec) and David Hughes (Three).

In addition, a 4-week national advertising campaign on Newstalk FM will commence on Monday, 24th September, supported by Google Adwords and LinkedIn digital marketing campaigns to the end of the year.

The service is free of charge for job seekers seeking a new position in the Telecoms business. They simply register and upload their CV to a general news board to flag their interest and may also apply directly to employers online. As part of the launch, are offering employers and recruiters free, unlimited job postings until January 1, 2020. has received strong support form the sector including endorsements from Turlough O’Sullivan (past Director General IBEC) and Denis O’Brien (Chairman, Digicel)
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