Recruitment issues, we are not alone

Jul 6, 2022

Having recently been appointed the Irish partner for Kennedy Executive Search I attended the annual Kennedy Partner Conference in Monte Carlo. It was strangely reassuring that the recruitment problems that Ireland is currently experiencing are the same as my fellow partners are facing globally.

Kennedy is a collection of independently owned and operated Executive Search companies with 16 partners. We have operations in 24 countries in Europe, North and Latin America and Asia. The headquarters is in Brussels but interestingly the partners picked the name Kennedy as it was Irish, which was seen to be very ‘brand friendly’ and also the name Kennedy had very strong connotations.

The challenges are the same in just about every country:

Covid: The pandemic has caused people to re-evaluate their careers and their work life balance. This is natural and we are all doing it to some extent. It is also fair to say that many candidates have unrealistic expectations in particular to the proportion of working from home. Most jobs will have an element of this but it will be less than candidates are currently expecting.

Demand: With the world’s economies bouncing back with pent up demand, there is simply more vacancies than suitable and available candidates. This effect of supply and demand plus the looming spectre of inflation is leading to the talent market demanding higher salaries.

Timelines: At the end of the day companies are just a collection of like-minded people and they are going through the same stresses and turmoil as candidates over the past two years. Clients need to realise that recruiting is very time intensive and the days of putting an advert on LinkedIn or other websites and just picking the best applicants to interview are gone. For mid to senior level recruitment in particular, if clients do not have internal recruitment teams, then they need to hire search companies who will literally search the market and approach suitable candidates. This of course takes time and clients do not budget for enough lead time to fill vacancies.

The current global recruitment crises will pass in time, probably in early 2024 and in the meantime, clients and search firms need to work well in tandem

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