Employers & Job Seekers – time to listen to each other in 2023

Jan 9, 2023

Published: Business Post 5th January, 2023

As 2023 emerges, it’s the ideal time for the three main stakeholders in the talent industry – Employers, Job Seekers and Recruiters to re-evaluate their priorities. Each group needs the other, right? If you look back over the last few years, what a rollercoaster it has been regards the workplace and the process when you move between jobs. From remote and hybrid working to the Great Resignation trends, it has certainly not been a dull time in the World of Work.

2022 was a mixed bag of a year with employers being unsure as to their direction and candidates not being clear as to what they want from their professional life. That needs to change for the New Year.

From our perspective at Vista Executive Search, the battle for Talent in 2023 boils down to three priorities:

  1. Candidates need to have a written career plan and have more realistic expectations. Walking your dog five lunch hours a week on the beach is fantastic but it is not compatible with an upward career trajectory.
  2. Employers know that people are their greatest assets and need to leverage their communication skills and be very clear about the role and what conditions they’re offering.
  3. And in term of the overall process, my last piece of advice to prospective employers looking to engage an Executive Search business is this. Don’t even think of a ‘no foal no fee’ arrangement. It’s a broken model that’s time consuming, full of duplication and with candidate outcomes that are not optimal.

Think about it – which is better? Picking a candidate from a limited selection of CV’s held by an agency or from a comprehensive search of the entire talent pool? The latter gives you a better candidate with a closer fit to your business so it’s worth having a long-term relationship with a trusted recruiter who delivers. And yes, as you can imagine, it costs a bit extra but I believe that Value / Impact trumps Cost in this instance.

So, here’s my advice for next steps for Candidates looking for a new job, Employers and their approach and the recruitment industry itself.


Don’t be vague – have a plan, think about the types of employers you would like to work for, the remuneration package and conditions that best suit you and whether you would be happy in the role.

Set realistic expectation on salary levels and work flexibility- big bumps in pay and 100% hybrid models are not always immediately available.

You may find that companies will only be able to increase salaries to a limited extent. Do bear in mind that everything over €70,000 results in 50% going in taxes so other factors such as commute times, career path and industry stability can become more important in your final decision.

Beware of continually moving jobs based on a 5%-10% increase on your base salary as – long-term, it’s a very poor career strategy. People miss the big picture if just focusing on salary. When engaging with a recruiter, be honest and open with them about exactly what you’re looking for. Building a solid relationship with a good recruiter is a smart thing to do as they can keep you in mind for future positions.


For employers, it has been a very difficult four years with the talent war being compounded by Covid which resulted in the Great Resignation and the partial ‘empty office’ syndrome. Matters might ease in 2023 but it is still a very time-consuming and expensive exercise to keep a steady flow of good and high-quality talent coming into (and staying), in your business.

Flexibility is the key and that includes innovative offerings such as the hybrid working model, unlimited holidays (pushing responsibility firmly onto the employee can have a wonderful effect), four-day weeks during the summer months and so forth. We all know people are the single most valuable asset in any business and as such your recruitment partners, whether they are internal or external, should be front and central in all your activities.

With the exception of roles that involve manual intervention, there is no such thing as a non-hybrid job in Ireland in 2023. I think everybody accepts that fact.

In terms of how an employer expects an employee to work, clear communications are vital. Are workers expected to be in-person at the workplace for a certain number of days?  Are there maximum numbers of days per week where hybrid working is possible? And if company strategy changes, swapping from remote to in-person, give employees enough notice to manage and arrange their personal logistics (and provide them with an outlet for feedback).

In summary, the talent playing pitch has become a lot more complicated place. The winners will be those with a clear vision and the messaging skills to deliver their ambitions.

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