Denver 2023

May 19, 2023

Kennedy Executive Search Denver 2023

Following our recent annual conferences in Budapest and Monaco, this year the Kennedy Executive Search partner conference was held in Denver, Colorado. Our backdrop for the three days was the breath-taking Rockies. The event was hosted by our US partners Eric Pringle and Wayne Redovian of Integrated People Solutions. As we all know travel has become more challenging in recent years and following the complete lockdown of international business travel for two years with Covid, it was important that we found a way to still meet as a group. In my opinion, Executive Search is the ultimate people business and thus it is vital that as colleagues we met in person. Zoom is a fantastic development but can’t take away from the dynamism that people generate when they meet to swap ideas and discuss common problems.

At the conference we evaluated the market conditions in each country that we operate in and swapped suggestions on many common challenges with recruiting during this ongoing talent war. In particular, we discussed the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) area which is becoming more prominent in all markets. Our D&I practice lead is Dr. Caroline Frisenberg from Monaco. She is hosting a webinar on this topic on the 13th June and Kennedy partners will invite their clients to attend. Our hosts, Integrated People Solutions invited one of their long-standing clients, Bob Gerst of John I. Haas of Washington State, a hop supplier to the global brewing industry. Bob shared his thoughts from the client’s point of view. This was invaluable and really enjoyable to listen to Bob and to understand his perspective in recruiting and selecting a suitable Executive Search partner. No matter what business you are in, you have to look at the world through the lens of your clients.

Kennedy Executive Search is a network of independent boutique Executive Search firms in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Vista Executive Search became the Kennedy exclusive partner for Ireland in 2022.

Finally, a ‘he would say that’ bit! Like all industries, Executive Search has large medium and small players. The five large players in our industry are affectionately known as the Shrek companies and for certain companies and certain roles they are a very good choice. Like all very large organisations they also can bring with them disadvantages and complexities of dealing with such huge companies.  Another part of our industry is the High Street recruiters who have the majority of the market share but operate usually on a ‘no foal, no fee’ basis. Like everything in life, you get what you pay for and this can lead to quite low success rates in filling vacant positions with the best available candidates. In the middle is the boutique Executive Search firms who in my opinion offer the best of both worlds. They work on a retained basis and you effectively are buying semi-permanent and dedicated recruiter/s who will use a much more sophisticated methodology until the role is filled. In addition, if they are part of a group like Kennedy, you get the much used but very powerful advantage of ‘local knowledge, global approach’.

We are already planning our 2024 partner conference in Salzburg, Austria. In the meantime, we will rely on our monthly Zoom sessions and the day-to-day interactions when we work cross border assignments for our clients.

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