Сareer crossroads

Thinking about a career change?

Business leaders and managers sometimes reach a point in their career where they question the value of the journey they’ve completed to date, might be considering a career change, and ask themselves “Is this what I really want?” and “What might be next?”. As an assistance in what can be a privately challenging period in anyone’s career, we have developed a simple method of helping to reach some clarity. All that is required is to sit down with a pen and paper (in this case, a printout of the form below – which has been designed over many years of experience). Be prepared: the effect is often very powerful. We advise that you resist the temptation to complete this online: ideas usually flow better with a pen in hand.

Things I know I do not want to do

Eliminating options that are not right for you can be very liberating and satisfying. Follow your ‘gut reaction’. This might relate to job types, location, industry, hours, ethics, perception, remuneration, self-worth or general career path. Ask friends and family to assist you if this helps.

If you would like to discuss the result of this interesting exercise in complete confidence, and hear more about our career coaching programme, please call us. It costs nothing to have an initial discussion.

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